Wednesday, September 18, 2013

America vs Video Games: Enough is Enough

In the wake of the Navy Yard shooting that occurred two days ago, news outlets are happily bathing in the opportunity to place blame. I love video games. I'm passionate about the people who make them and the ways in which they bring us together. Obviously, I am enraged. I'm disgusted at the agendas these news organizations bring forward to try and blame video games for every single problem that has ever happened. Too often are we portrayed as villains and it's about time we stood up. Let's get started.

"These crimes have never happened in human history."

So this 'expert' suggests that crimes such as Sandy Hook have never happened throughout human history. I'll go on to destroy the rest of his arguments later, but let's focus here for a moment. What happened at Sandy Hook? A man who was bullied, who didn't fit in, who exiled himself from society, who had access to weapons went and killed several children in an elementary school.

Apparently, Sargent Cunt isn't aware of the history of school shootings because the very first school shooting happened on July 26th, 1764; The Pontiac's Rebellion School Massacre. As many as ten children were killed along with the school master. From 1764 to 1985 (The year video games began to take off) there have been over 155 school shootings in American history averaging about 3 per year. These individuals didn't have access to Grand Theft Auto, Call of Duty, or Hitman. They were simply insane. 

In actuality, the frequency of school shootings since 1985 have not increased but have stayed at the static frequency they began to achieve in the 1930's. "These crimes have never happened in human history?" On the contrary. In fact, I seem to remember even more children being slain in a little thing called the Holocaust. SIDENOTE: The Holocaust Museum was shot up by a 88 year old white supremacist who was a frequent watcher ... of Fox News. 
Interesting. Moving on.

Why do we hear so much about school shootings now? Because we have access to information. Now we know about an incident the second after it happens, firearms today are more powerful and effective than they have ever been, but more importantly, now we have people trying to achieve political goals like Sargent Cunt in the video above.

Now, on to the Navy Yard shooting.

Even MSNBC is filled with ignorant reporters.

Look at how straight up fear mongering this is. This is the textbook definition of fear mongering. Everything from his words to his inflections. Now, let's educate this impressively dim individual.

"This is the latest Xbox 360 that cost over 250 Million Dollars to Produce."

You know you're not qualified to talk about video games at all when you refer to a video game case as the latest Xbox 360. No, Ed. That is a video game. The Xbox 360 is the system that that particular game runs on, and it's available for PS3. 

This is a lot like me holding up a copy of Django Unchained and saying, "This is the latest DVD player that cost blah blah blah." It's a game. Not a console. Learn words.

"It's got stealing cars, shooting people, and beating up hookers."

That's not the central focus of the game. The game is a satire of the current American lifestyle, a lifestyle that Fox News has had a large role in creating. Also, Ed, are you implying that if something contains bad material, it's not worth engaging in? What about life itself, Ed. Life has stolen cars, shooting, hookers, drugs, wars, and so on. So, to prevent it, should we all just kill ourselves?

"If you let your child watch this, even if they're beyond 18 years old, you're a lousy parent in my opinion."

Look out, parents. The mighty and ingenious Ed Schultz thinks you're a lousy parent. Coming from a person who is likely a lousy parent himself, this is hilariously ironic. Also, it's a game, Ed. You don't watch it, you play it. 

"We're so concerned about the second amendment? This is the FIRST amendment."

This is the point in the video where Ed Schultz becomes a loathsome human being. What has every shooting since the 1760s had in common, Mr. Schultz? I'll give you a clue. It isn't video games, it isn't movies, and it isn't Fox News. It's freaking guns. These shootings happens not because we have access to video games, but because we have access to guns.

Some people will say, "Oh, well those people get guns illegally." That's not the point. Adam Lanza, the Sandy Hook shooter stole his weapons from his mother. How did his mother get those guns? Legally. The point is, when we all legally have guns, it's easier to illegally get guns. It's a simple fact of life. If things are easy to obtain and in abundance, they will be used. 

"Oh, and the guy who did the shooting yesterday? He was big fan of this kind of stuff."

As are hundreds of millions of people around the world. As are the parents of upstanding children, as are the professors of successful students, as are the workers of the lowest tiers, as are the managers of the highest places. If we're going to find one common influence in the minds of shooters and ignore the obvious evidence that 100% of them are clinically insane, then it's a two way street.

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