Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Regarding Joe Staten's Departure from Bungie Studios

As a seasoned member of the Bungie community, I feel the need to put in my two cents about Joe Staten leaving Bungie. The news came to us on September 24th of 2013, a day before the anniversary of Halo 3's launch. With Destiny in full production and Bungie in full swing to meet the game's launch date, the timing here seems strange.

"Dear community friends,
After fifteen great years at Bungie, from the battlefields of Myth to the mysteries of Halo and beyond, I'm leaving to tackle new creative challenges. While this may come as a surprise, fear not. It's been my pleasure building Destiny these past four years, and after the big reveal this Summer, our hugely talented team is on track for greatness. I'll be cheering all of them, with all of you, when the game launches next year. Thank you for your support of me, and your continued support of Bungie. We couldn't have done it without you.

Per Audacia Ad Astra!
Joseph Staten"

This was Staten's official statement on It's saddening, yet strangely uplifting. Here's why.

Bungie has always been about the community. Yes, they are game developers, they are story tellers, they are world builders, they are artists, but before all of that they are community creators. What's beautiful about this is that it's just so rare. That so many people are inspired by the men and women behind these walls is an amazing thing, and the same can't be said for many developers. 

Bungie is more than just a collection of talented people; it's an idea. The idea that the community will take what the studio creates and forge something fantastic out of it, something beyond the wildest dreams of the developers. We've heard this from Bungie themselves. "The universe will become the fan's just as much as it is ours." We've seen the creativity of the community shine through the Halo series and we'll see it again with Destiny, and this is why Joe Staten's departure should not be lamented.

Joe Staten is part of the Bungie community now. We have to remember that not everyone will be able to be at Bungie forever; not even Jason Jones and that's beautiful. Because the community cycles into the studio and the studio cycles into the community. The grizzled ancients of Bungie's past will become seasoned members of the community and those inspired by Bungie's games and universes will join the studio, taking inspiration from those who've gone on to other ventures. 

This is not the end, it's a new beginning and I wish Joe Staten the best of luck. I know that when Bungie finally achieves their goal of world domination, Joe Staten will have a special seat waiting for him by the slingshot, and I look forward to meeting you all there as well. 

Per Audacia Ad Astra. 

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  1. Much respect for this man. He was an incredible addition to the Bungie team, and I can still hear his voice in my head through the Vidocs and Halo DLC's...
    I assume he's going to work on another game, pumped to see what it is.